Established in 2003

HCS Bursary Fund

The Bursary Fund(**) is a relatively new initiative, intended to support the development of future bursaries and is aimed at talented children from families who might not otherwise be able to pay the standard fees.


OHs will be only too well aware that your School has had a long and distinguished history spanning over 600 years. Starting as a very small Song School attached to the Cathedral, it was re-founded by Bishop Gilbert  towards the end of the 14th century and has continued to educate young people of Herefordshire and beyond ever since. Today it shines as a beacon of academic, creative and sporting excellence, occupying various buildings surrounding the Cathedral, its Close and Cloisters.

The historic and inspirational setting is a constant reminder of the School’s foundations and role within the wider community. Over thecenturies a common purpose has emerged that has enabled HCS to adapt and flourish through thick and thin. The Governors are determined therefore that the School should continue to develop, whilst not losing sight of the core values and principles that have stood Hereford Cathedral School in such good stead throughout its history.

Through prudent financial management coupled with generous donations  from benefactors over the last century, your former school has been able to keep pace with the changing educational landscape.  HCS has entered the 21st century with some major improvements to its premises and facilities coupled with some remarkable academic results.

Meanwhile, to help meet the cost of tuition fees that are payable these days, a special Bursary Fund was recently introduced.

Legacy Giving.  //

For those who remember their time at HCS with affection, a legacy would provide a means of ‘giving something back’ in a way that may not be possible during one’s lifetime.  By designating a charitable gift in your Will, you can help support the School in so many different ways.

Such a gift would provide a worthwhile opportunity for future generations of students to develop their skills, whilst even the smallest of donations would make a real difference.  It should be affirmed that funds bequeathed to the School will be used strictly in accordance with your wishes and kept separate from day to day operating funds.

Moreover, as the School is a registered charity, your donation will be exempt from inheritance tax under existing HMRC rules.  (2018)  Thus, by leaving money to the Bursary Fund, it could result in your estate attracting more favourable treatment

However, we do appreciate that a legacy is purely a pledge and that, should your circumstances change, you might decide to alter your Will at a future date.

(**) To download a pdf version of the brochure, please select this link below.—WEB-Spreads.pdf