Established in 2003

D. An OHiL Donation Plan?

A separate scheme

Meanwhile, as we usually derive in excess of 50+ members at our various lunchtime gatherings here in The Capital, staff in the D O have outlined the following fact quite succinctly.  If each of us were to set aside say £1 per day (the equivalent of a cup of coffee or a daily newspaper) which, after allowing for annual vacations and Bank Holidays translates as over £300 per person per year, then the accumulated total from each of us could fund school fees for at least one child!  If such a group scheme were to be introduced by OHiL, the School would happily acknowledge our combined contributions as having come specifically from Old Herefordians in London and thus, references would be made at the end of each financial year listing us as a collective donor.

The School realises this is a big commitment for members to make. However, it is one which would be very worthwhile and much more enduring than your daily cuppa as you read The Times!

If meanwhile you would like to discuss this initiative further, please get in touch with Claire Morgan-Jones at The Development Office and mention this article.  Her contact details may be found by clicking in this link.