Established in 2003

Arthur Ulrich Zimmerman (OH 1902 to 1908)

When he died in 1971 aged over 80, Arthur Zimmerman left his estate to the school.  His expressed wish was that a fund be set up in the form of a charitable trust, to be administered by separate Trustees appointed by the OH Club Committee.  The money was to be used entirely for the good of his former school, for which he had previously provided funds to meet the cost of various facilities whilst he was alive. 

Arthur Zimmerman

Club official & Past President

Arthur was a staunch supporter of the OH Club after leaving HCS and becoming an Old Herefordian himself.  He was soon appointed to the Committee and, during his working life he was elected Deputy President, eventually becoming Honorary President for which he served two terms.  Right through into retirement he continued to take an active interest in most Club functions, always attending the Annual London Dinner and delivering keynote speeches whenever asked. 

The Old Herefordian Fund

In his memory, a unique trust fund was thus set up, into which Arthurs’ generous donation was placed.  The OHF has since become the main source through which financial support is provided to the school at the discretion of the OHF Trustees.  For example, it enables the Governors to acquire buildings on a lease back arrangement and also to purchase vital equipment for use by the students. 

A lasting legacy

Well over a century after Arthur left school, HCS continues to derive support from this fund, not only through financing property deals, but for the award of certain bursaries plus grants towards special projects designed for the good of the school and its students. 

The Zimmerman Building

It is rather fitting therefore that the former telephone exchange on the edge of the Close, previously owned by the Post Office and now fully refurbished for use by Sixth Form students, should be very aptly named after a very generous benefactor.