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Inaugural OHiL Dinner event in 2017

We staged our first ever semi-formal evening function on Thursday 27th April 2017 at the Union Jack Club near Waterloo Station, SE1 which was very successful.

The event was attended by 27 people in total, (click here for Guest List) made up of 23 OHs, Club President Dr. Howard Tomlinson, HCS Development Director Claire Morgan-Jones and 2 wives. Members present represented a broad cross-section of HCS vintages, starting with at least three who were in school during World War II, then a mixture from all decades across the remainder of the Twentieth Century and into the Noughties.

Peter Fairman-Bourn acted as Chairman for the night and therefore thanked everyone for coming to this the first dinner that OHiL will have staged.  He explained however that reunion dinners have been held in the Capital ever since 1910 and had latterly been organised by the OH Club itself. Unfortunately the function planned for April 2016 sadly had to be cancelled because of low numbers so the OHC Committee elected NOT to hold a dinner in 2017.  OHitherefore agreed to ‘take up the challenge’ and run this particular one as a ‘pilot‘.

The Toasts.

The plan was for Major Sir Michael J. Parker, KCVO., CBE (OH) to propose the Loyal Toast, being a Knight of the Realm.  Sadly he was unable to be with us so octogenarian Peter Davies (OH 1943 – 1946) kindly agreed to offer the toast to Her Majesty the Queen instead.  He reminded us that she had just reached her 91st birthday a week before and that he was just 4 years younger than her! Indeed this year represents her Sapphire Jubilee, being 65 years since her accession to the Throne in February 1952.  Peter D. was followed by Michael P. Moreton (OH) who proposed a toast to The School.  Michael is a veteran campanologist and, having been a dedicated supporter of all OH matters for well over fifty years, it seemed appropriate that he should invite us all to raise our glasses to his old school.  Dr. Tomlinson responded, then gave way to Mrs Morgan-Jones who read out some interesting school notes prepared for her by Headmaster Paul Smith in his absence.

LtoR - James Turner.Tom Bilbrough. Ben Ellis. Joseph Goldsmith. Howard Tomlinson. David Rattue
Dr T seen here at top of table, right arm raised and talking to former Head Boy Joseph Goldsmith.

While guests were still finishing their coffee with mints, the Chairman opened up the floor to whomsoever wished to say a few words.  One particular speaker began by asking the question….” Who here became Head of School?“….and at least 4 or 5 members raised their hands!

The evening ended on a high, with most of the diners each expressing how good they thought the venue was.

NEXT YEAR? Please make a note in your social diaries because…….we plan to stage a second London Dinner at the same venue on…….THURSDAY 26th APRIL 2018.