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Is a school cap a sacred relic?

Here is a short poem called “T e m p o r a   M u t a n t u r,  etc.” (Times Change) and written anonymously by an OH before World War One as he reflected on his time at the Cathedral School, probably around the second half of the Nineteenth Century.

As I sit at my lonely fireside and hear the wind’s dreary sigh,

Often my dreaming brings me mem’ry of days gone by.

Then I long for the days that are over,  I long to be young once more,

To enjoy the delights of a schoolboy, as I did in the days of yore.

Then I gaze around my study and see there, faded and old,

A cap, which I’ve prized since boyhood; A cap, half blue, half gold.

O honoured and sacred relic!  O relic of schoolboy days!

I’ll prize and I’ll keep you forever, though everything else decays.

( Written by a very old OH and published in the December 1911 edition of The Herefordian )