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2nd OHiL London Dinner a success

Jesse gives talk on Olympics & Tennis

On Thursday 26th April 2018 a total of 16 guests attended this the second semi-formal evening function that we’ve staged in The Capital (1)

UJ Club - Reserved Bar Lounge1

It was once more held at The Union Jack Club close to Waterloo Station where members enjoyed a delicious 3-course meal with a selection of wines followed by coffee.

John C. U. (jesse) JAMES OBE., (OH 1951 to 1954) (2) was invited to say a few words about his career in tennis administration.  As a member of the British Olympic Association (BOA) he was naturally delighted when the IOC unanimously elected to introduce tennis into the Summer Games.  This meant that he had the privilege of becoming a representative at FIVE separate summer games between 1992 and 2008.  He said that, for him the Games of the XXIX Olympiad (Chinese: 第二十九届夏季奥林匹克运动会; pinyin: Dì Èrshíjiǔ Jiè Xiàjì Àolínpǐkè Yùndònghuì) held in Beijing (PRC) between 8th & 24th August 2008 were by far the most significant Games he had attended.

London 2012 – Moment to Shine.  The crowning glory for John was when he was invited as a member of the relay team to carry the Olympic Torch through the streets of his home town Isleworth on its final journey across London Boroughs.  By then the torch had already been conveyed across the entire British Isles (8000 miles) by other specially selected UK citizens prior to the start of the Summer Games in Stratford, E20.

HCS – A History over 800 Years.   Following a toast to The OH Club by Michael Moreton, former Headmaster Dr. Tomlinson (now elected Hon. Club President) responded on behalf of the Club, then took the opportunity to highlight a few pieces from his recently published book.

Future OHiL Dinners?  After the meal there followed a series of informal discussions around the table on different topics.  Particular emphasis was however laid upon engendering much more interest in our London Dinners, such that this long standing tradition may continue into the future.

A date for the next event has already been set as THURSDAY 25th APRIL 2019

(1) OH London Dinners have been held in The Capital now for over a Century!  They began in 1910 and, apart from interruption during the War Years, have usually been staged annually or bi-ennially ever since.  Up until 2015, the function was organised by the OH Club based in Hereford.

(2) Former History Master John L. T. Brookes MA., (Oxon) gave the nickname jesse to John James soon after he joined HCS in 1951 because of his initials!  This was so as to distinguish him from at least two other boys in the same class with the same surname.